Applied Mathematics

Graduate Program of Studies – Applied Mathematics

Interdepartmental Long Distance Graduate Program of the School of Engineering DUTh



The program was organized and has been operating since 2015 as an Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program (IPMS) of the Departments:

· Civil Engineering

· Electrical and Computer Engineering

· Environmental Engineering

of the Democritus University of Thrace.


The Program aims in:

  • Postgraduate teaching- research and practical application of Mathematics in science and technology
  • Specialization and scientific training of graduates of Positive, Technological, Economic and Administrative University Institutions with mathematical knowledge and skills
  • Coping with scientific and technological problems by increasing productivity and adequately meeting the growing needs of the Public and Private sector of the country and the European Union
  • Offering lifelong education, provision and update on knowledge of new subjects of mathematical science and cutting-edge technologies to executives and staff of private and public institutions
  • Achieving effective treatment of scientific and technological problems, increasing productivity and adequately meeting the growing needs of the country and the European Union

The minimum duration of the program is set at eighteen (18) months (three academic semesters of study).


Taught Courses: (all courses have 7.5 ECTS each)

(C means Compulsory, E means Elective)

Applied Functional Analysis 1st Semester (C)
Special Chapters of Differential Equations and Difference Equations 1st Semester (C)
Fuzzy Logic and Applications 2nd Semester (C)
Special Chapters of Linear Algebra 2nd Semester (C)
System’s Analysis and Modeling (E)
Stochastic Analysis of Time Series (E)
Finite Elements (E)
Numerical Methods for the solution of Ordinary Differential Equations (E)
Artificial Intelligence (E)
Graph Theory (E)
Intelligent Models-Hybrid Soft Computing Information Systems (E)
Numerical Solving of Differential Equations with Partial Derivatives (E)
Didactics of Mathematics(E)


Department of Civil Engineering
Basil Papadopoulos
Lazaros Iliadis
Angelos Protopoappas
Victor Balopoulos
Avrilia Kogketsof

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Christos Schinas
Ioannis Boutalis
Professor Emeritus A. Rigas

Department of Environmental Engineering
Garyfallos Papaschinopoulos

Department of Production Management Engineering
Stefanos Spartalis


Required ECTS

  1. The students should successfully attend 8 courses, 4 compulsory (2 in the first semester and 2 in the second semester) and 4 elective ones (60 ECTS) (2 in the first semester and 2 in the second semester).
  2. Postgraduate Thesis (30 ECTS)

Overall, 90 ECTS



Professor Lazaros Iliadis
Head of the Postgraduate Program APPLIED MATHEMATICS

Mrs Eleftherakou V.
Secretary of Post Graduate Studies of the Civil Engineering Department
Tel.: 2541079025

Mrs Tania Lampridou
Secretary of the Postgraduate Program



Postgraduate Program of Studies
“Applied Mathematics”
Democritus University of Thrace
Department of Civil Engineering
University Campus, Kimmeria
Xanthi, Greece PC 67100